Easy and Simple Healthy Wok Cooking | How To Cook with a Wok in a Healthy Way

Healthy cooking with a wok is not hard - and many traditional wok recipes are cooked in a healthy manner without any modification. The nature of many traditional Asian wok recipes is that they use healthy vegetable ingredients and cook them only as much as necessary. This keeps the most nutrients in the vegetables. However, some wok recipes use large amounts of less than healthy oils heated to high temperatures for prolonged periods. These aren't the wok recipes we present. We'll only demonstrate truly healthy wok cooking recipes. Once you narrow down your wok recipe ingredient list to only healthy foods, you need to focus on cooking them optimally to retain  (or to bring out) the maximum nutritional beneftis possible. Using Prawns as an example, just as when you are grilling jumbo prawns on the barbeque, how to cook prawns in a wok and the key to proper wok cooking of jumbo prawns (or shrimp) is to not overcook them.  For wok cooking of prawns - which cook fast and are starting already at room temperature - it is important to add them to the wok very near the end of the time you are cooking. Learning how to cook with a wok is very easy and when you have learned how to cook with a wok you will know how to prepare healthy recipes for many varied kinds of ingredients - whether they are shrimp and prawn wok recipes or recipes for other things as well.


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