Healthy Wok Cooking - variations on 'one-pot' wok cooking recipes

Let's explore one of the most common wok cooking techniques to apply when different ingredients cook at extremely different rates in the wok. Dealing with different ingredients and different amounts of ingredients is an important aspect of how you cook with a wok successfully. You may want to do this also if you have a very large portion for your sized wok.

Why to use variations on the 'one-pot' Wok Recipes

There are a couple of reasons why the 'one-pot' wok recipes should be modified to make sure your wok meals come out successfully. Mastering how you cook with a wok properly also means knowing when you may need more than one wok - or when you may want to supplement your wok cooking with complementary healthy cooking techniques such as steaming and grilling.

Healthy Wok Cooking variations to the 'one-pot' Wok Recipes

As other aspects of the many ways how to cook with a wok, two quick variations to the 'one-pot' wok recipes are to cook in parallel using two woks (or another cooking method in conjunction with the main wok recipe) or in series with the same wok.

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