Healthy Wok Cooking variations to the 'one-pot' Wok Recipes

As other aspects of the many ways how to cook with a wok, two quick variations to the 'one-pot' wok recipes are to cook in parallel using two woks (or another cooking method in conjunction with the main wok recipe) or in series with the same wok.

Cooking in Parallel using more than one wok

When learning how to cook with a wok, at first it sounds daunting, but cooking with more than one wok at a time or with one wok as the main thing for the wok recipe and another pan or two for some supplementary items is not really difficult. To make this method of wok cooking as easy as possible as you are learning how to cook with a wok, keep one wok as the main focus, and…

Wok Cooking in Sequence with one Wok

A common method for cooking a meal too large for your wok is to separately cook different ingredients in sequence. Learning this technique of how you cook with a wok will allow you to cook much larger wok meals than might fit at once in the wok. If you only have on burner for cooking or only one suitable wok or pan, then you have to do this. It will work out much better than…

How to Cook with a Wok | Mixing it up! Grilling.

Another great method for dealing with too much food to cook in your wok, is to cook ingredients you would normally cook in the wok on the grill or on the bbq. For example, you could take many of the one-pot wok recipes here and pull ingredients from the wok cooking and shift them to grill cooking. Sometimes how you cook with a wok is by not using the wok at all!

You can easily…

How to cook with a wok | Stop the cooking entirely!

A way that decreases cooking time, decreases ingredient preparation time, and reduces clean up time all in one go is to not prepare certain ingredients at all for cooking if you can just eat them raw altogether - or serve them raw with minimal preparation.

If you are cooking ingredients in the wok recipe that can be eaten raw, you can just pull them from the wok recipe…

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