Cooking in Parallel using more than one wok

When learning how to cook with a wok, at first it sounds daunting, but cooking with more than one wok at a time or with one wok as the main thing for the wok recipe and another pan or two for some supplementary items is not really difficult. To make this method of wok cooking as easy as possible as you are learning how to cook with a wok, keep one wok as the main focus, and then use the second or other woks for pans for secondary items. For example, to accommodate larger portions for a given prawn wok recipe, you might cook the prawns separately as the very end in another pan - or on the grill. You can also microwave vegetables to get them 95% cooked and then add them to the wok for the final 5% of cooking and to mix with the other ingredients.

Part of the reason why we try to stick to the 'one-pot' method of wok cooking for these wok recipes is that it keeps the clean up time quick. A great reason for learning how to cook with a wok is the health benefits of wok cooking, but the easy preparation and clean-up of wok cooking is not to be overlooked. The preparation and cooking times for the easy wok recipes in the 'one-pot' cooking style are very very fast, and it's nice to keep the clean up time equally quick. The one-pot wok cooking method means that you swish out the wok when you are done cooking, and your entire clean up for the meal is done. It takes about 20 seconds to 30 seconds to do the entire clean up for the cooking. That's pretty nice!

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