Wok Cooking in Sequence with one Wok

A common method for cooking a meal too large for your wok is to separately cook different ingredients in sequence. Learning this technique of how you cook with a wok will allow you to cook much larger wok meals than might fit at once in the wok. If you only have on burner for cooking or only one suitable wok or pan, then you have to do this. It will work out much better than putting too many ingredients into the wok which is too small for them and having them never start to cook properly and just sit in a warm puddle of juices!

For example, in the jumbo prawn wok recipes, you might cook most of the vegetables which are slower to cook (e.g. peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and the like) and the mushrooms first and then remove them from the wok and cook the quick cooking onions and jumbo prawns (shrimp) as a second round of cooking. If you do this, ALWAYS cook the slow cooking ingredients first and SECOND cook the fast cooking ingredients. This minimizes the standing time. Jumbo prawns and onions cook very fast, so the standing time for the previously cooked vegetables and mushrooms will be very very slim if you cook your prawns and onions as a second sequential batch in the same wok.

You may also choose to effectively serve two meals by treating the different sequential batches of cooked ingredients as separate from one another entirely - and by serving them separately. Do the same method of cooking the slow cooking ingredients together first, then fast cook the quick cooking wok ingredients. Just don't combine them when you serve them As before, always cook the fast cooking 'meal' last to avoid standing time for the previously cooked meal elements.


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