Cooking a meal too large for your size wok

This may sound silly, that you have too cook a meal that is too big for your wok, but it can easily happen if you have guests and need to cook extra portions. If you overfill the wok when you are wok cooking, you can easily get a big mess on your hands and have a failed meal. How you cook with a wok to avoid this problem is important. You can have the same problem if your wok is big enough, but your source of heat is too small for the wok size (or the amount of ingredients in the wok).

If you find that you can't get your wok heated up enough to start the ingredients cooking properly, or your wok that normally cooks a wok recipe proportioned for 1 or 2 fails when you try to increase the portions, you'll want to follow some of these variations on the 'one-pot' wok recipe cooking method.

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