Ingredients just are too different in Cooking Sensitivity

Another reason why you may want to modify the 'one-pot' wok cooking recipe technique when learning how to cook with a wok could be that you are having trouble getting everything cooked properly because the ingredients are just too different in cooking sensitivities.

For example, some excellent wok meals include a really quick stir fry of spinach. If you try to use the regular 'one-pot' wok cooking methods, when do you add the spinach? Spinach really wants to be cooked directly in the hot wok with little other ingredients present at all. In this case, for example, you'll want to cook the spinach separately from the rest of the wok recipe. Most likely, you would just cook the wok meal first, then as soon as you remove it from the wok, just cook the spinach in the 30 seconds or so it takes in the hot wok.

This sort of two step cooking variation is very common in traditional wok cooking - where often a meat ingredient is cooked first in the wok, set aside, then added back to the wok before the meal is served to blend into the other ingredients in the wok recipe.

What we try to do in the 'one-pot' method is avoid this variation by staging when we add different ingredients to the cooking wok recipe (as ingredients are cooking in the wok) - but this is not always possible as in the case of the example of spinach.

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