One-Pot Easy Wok Recipes - wok cooking with the one-pot method

We want our wok recipes to be healthy and easy - and quick to cook. Quick cooking is one of the great benefits of learning how to cook with wok! We also want clean-up to be quick and easy. Cooking using what we call the one-pot wok method makes things easy, quick and with no clean up other than a quick rinse of the wok and clean of the wooden spatula you used in cooking the wok recipe. You can't get much easier than that! That's why the preparation times and cooking times for the wok recipes are short - because things are optimized for time and ease of cooking.

Easy Wok Recipes | One-Pot Wok Cooking | Ingredient Prep

To enable your one-pot wok cooking to work and actually be easy (rather than just called easy), you need to prepare your ingredients properly for this type of easy wok recipe to work right. This is an important aspect of learning how to cook with a wok easily and quickly, but it isn't difficult in any way. You simply want to make certain that…

Water in Wok Cooking

How much water, if any, you add and at what time is important for successful wok cooking and for cooking using the one-pot wok recipe technique which is the method for how you cook with a wok which is described here.

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