Adding ingredients to the wok in one-pot wok recipe cooking

Typically as part of how you cook with a wok, when you add an ingredient to the wok filled with already cooking ingredients, you add the new ingredient on top of the food already cooking in the wok, and continue cooking in the wok with the lid on for up to 1 minute before stirring the new ingredient into the already cooking wok recipe ingredients. This prevents the new ingredient added to the wok from bringing down the overall cooking temperature too dramatically for the already cooking wok food items. After the 30 seconds to 1 minute with the lid on, the new ingredients will be heated up enough to just begin cooking and can be stirred into the already cooking ingredients in the wok.

Follow the sample easy wok recipes, and this will be clear from the text and photos showing you how to cook with a wok in a step by step sequence of instructions.

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