Knowing your ingredients for the wok recipe

1. Type of Ingredients

Know (it's all explained as you follow the example simple wok recipes) your ingredients. Know which wok ingredients in the recipe cook fast, and which ones take a while to cook in the wok. For example, bell peppers, portabella mushrooms, carrots and cauliflower all cook pretty slowly. Onions, snow peas, prawns - all cook fast.

2. Preparation of Ingredients

When learning how to cook with a wok, most importantly, use common sense (and experience) to know how to prepare your ingredients for the one-pot wok cooking recipes. If you take a slow cooking vegetable like broccoli and cut it into tiny, tiny pieces - it won't slow cook. It will cook fast because the pieces are tiny. If you have a jumbo prawn that is 5 oz, it will need longer cooking than a 1 oz jumbo prawn. Follow the examples of the recipes to get a starting point for sizes of vegetables and other ingredients.

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