Water in Wok Cooking

How much water, if any, you add and at what time is important for successful wok cooking and for cooking using the one-pot wok recipe technique which is the method for how you cook with a wok which is described here.

Water in wok recipes | one-pot wok cooking method

You do not want your ingredients to burn in the wok. However, part of how you cook with a wok is to give your wok meal the so called 'breath of the wok' which comes partly from the searing of the ingredients in the wok cooking process. You DO want the ingredients to sear. If you cook your ingredients completely dry they may not cook rapidly or efficiently (remember we want our easy wok recipes to also be quick as well as easy) or they may burn before cooking thoroughly. A very little bit of water goes a long way in terms of speeding up the cooking process by creating super hot steam under theā€¦

Balance of Water in Wok Cooking

Water - or more accurately steam - is essential to proper wok cooking using the one-pot wok recipe cooking method for how you cook with a wok. When you episodically place the cover on the wok, you are creating an environment for steam to cook the food in the wok. Having steam without liquid water enables you to rapidly cook the ingredients from the steam and simultaneously sear them on the hot wok bottom and walls.


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