Balance of Water in Wok Cooking

Water - or more accurately steam - is essential to proper wok cooking using the one-pot wok recipe cooking method for how you cook with a wok. When you episodically place the cover on the wok, you are creating an environment for steam to cook the food in the wok. Having steam without liquid water enables you to rapidly cook the ingredients from the steam and simultaneously sear them on the hot wok bottom and walls.

Searing food in the Wok | Balance of water

By keeping the food cooking in the wok close to 'dry' and by leaving it periodically unstirred - just cooking - you can sear the food in the wok without burning it. In mastering this aspect of how you cook with a wok, the trick is to keep on the edge of…

Water - steam in wok cooking

Just as in Clay Pot cooking (with is most notable for creating tender and juicy moist foods cooked evenly and rapidly), when you cook in a wok using the wok lid to create a covered cooking space as part of the cooking process, you are enabling the wok…

Maintaining steam in the wok - avoiding soup!

The art of this method of wok cooking where we are cooking with the lid on and with the lid off and adding ingredients throughout the cooking process (part of how you cook with a wok when using the one-pot wok recipe cooking method) is to keep the very…

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