Maintaining steam in the wok - avoiding soup!

The art of this method of wok cooking where we are cooking with the lid on and with the lid off and adding ingredients throughout the cooking process (part of how you cook with a wok when using the one-pot wok recipe cooking method) is to keep the very hot steam under the dome of the wok lid when the wok is cooking covered - and to prevent too much liquid water from collecting in the wok during the cooking process and making a soup. We aren't making soups here (although one can make wok soups if one desires).

Keeping the steam constant when desired

When there is not enough steam coming off the ingredients of the wok, even if there may remain a lot of water within the wok ingredients, you may need to add a small amount of water to the cooking wok. Remember - how you cook with a wok quickly and…

Beware heavy water content in wok ingredients

Be particularly careful with wok ingredients that are very very moist and have a great deal of water in them. A good example of this is a very young mushroom which may be mostly water by weight. Such mushrooms typically are slow to begin cooking as they…

Avoiding Wok Soup when it's not wanted

Avoiding what you don't want with how to cook with a wok is as important as achieving what you do want! You don't want (unless you are making a wok soup which you may do at some time) a lake of water in your wok as you cook. To help prevent making a lake…

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