Avoiding Wok Soup when it's not wanted

Avoiding what you don't want with how to cook with a wok is as important as achieving what you do want! You don't want (unless you are making a wok soup which you may do at some time) a lake of water in your wok as you cook. To help prevent making a lake of water in your wok as you cook, you want to use as little additional water as possible. You want steam not water. The trick is to listen to your wok cooking and hear when the water has cooked off and there is just steam and no liquid water. You then have the ideal one-pot  cooking going on (as in clay pot cooking). The hot steam is rapidly cooking the ingredients while at the same time the ingredients pressed against the hot walls and bottom of the wok are dry searing and getting brown and full of flavor.

The sound of the wok cooking changes when the liquid water is gone and there is only steam- listen for it. Listening to your wok is really important to how you cook with a wok - hearing  and listening to what is happening under the wok lid is a really useful skill to master!

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