Easy and Simple Healthy Wok Cooking | Ingredients | Vegetables | Broccoli

Wok cooking done right is a healthy way to prepare foods. As we always use heart and body healthy fruits and vegetables (and all ingredients) in our jumbo shrimp and prawn wok recipes, we can't overlook the wonderful broccoli with has lots of health benefits as well as being colorful and easy to prepare. When you use broccoli in a wok recipe complement the rich greens of the broccoli with carrots, red bell pepper, yellow bell peppers and purple onions to make the meal really aestheticlaly attractive.broccoli_wok_recipes

Wok Cooking Shrimp and Prawns | Broccoli

Wok Cooking Shrimp and Prawns | Broccoli

Preparing your fresh broccoli for your wok recipe is quick and easy. You will want to cut the frsh broccoli into medium to small pieces so that they will cook completely but not begin to get soft from overcooking when the wok recipe is cooked completely.

You simply cut your fresh broccoli in small to medium sized pieces, but not so small that they…


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