Wok Cooking Shrimp and Prawns | Broccoli

Preparing your fresh broccoli for your wok recipe is quick and easy. You will want to cut the frsh broccoli into medium to small pieces so that they will cook completely but not begin to get soft from overcooking when the wok recipe is cooked completely.

You simply cut your fresh broccoli in small to medium sized pieces, but not so small that they will be over cooked at the end of the cooking process. If you want your broccoli in larger pieces, you can also give them a quick pre-cooking treatment in the microwave to get them started (but don't cook them all the way) and then add then to the wok late on in the cooking process. You'll want to do this if you want really big broccoli pieces.broccoli_cut_spoonsSmall and medium sized broccoli pieces ready for the wok recipe

The size of the measure spoon in the foreground is a tablespoon. The small broccoli pieces were not even cut other than off the broccoli head, the larger ones we cut in halves to make all the pieces the same size. The whole process took less than a minute.


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