Wok Cooking Prawns | When to Add the Prawns

An important thing to learn when exploring how to wok with a wok is how different ingredients cook at different rates - both due to how they are prepared for the wok and due to intrinsic properties of the ingredients themselves. Jumbo prawns (jumbo shrimp) cook fast - particularly when you start the prawns out at or near room temperature (highly recommended), or when the jumbo prawns aren't quite too jumbo (the smaller prawns or shrimp will cook even faster than the really jumbo jumbo prawns and jumbo shrimp). In all of the jumbo prawn wok recipes you will be adding the jumbo prawns to the cooking wok recipe ingredients at the end of the wok cooking process. The other ingredients in the wok will be mostly cooked already by the time you add the jumbo prawns (jumbo shrimp) to the wok. The heat of the cooking ingredients already in the wok will rapidly cook the jumbo shrimp / jumbo prawns in at most a minute or two when they are starting out at or near room temperature. Mastering these aspects of wok cooking with make you a master of how to cook with a wok in no time!


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