Thawing Frozen Jumbo Shrimp

You want to thaw your frozen shrimp and prawns as close to the time of cooking as possible, or else you end up with the same problems as those that 'fresh prawns' encounter when they sit around too long, too warm, and too unattended. What's the point of getting a never frozen shrimp if it sits for hours or days before you cook it? The thawing method here to thaw flash frozen shimp is the quickest and easiest way to thaw your flash frozen jumbo shrimp and prawns to get them ready for cooking with the zero time spent sitting at room temperature.

jumbo_prawns_thawingThawing Flash Frozen Jumbo Shrimp (jumbo prawns)

Start by simply running some cool or lukewarm water over your flash frozen jumbo shrimp or prawns to rinse them off, then place them in a shallow bowl of moderately warm water as in the above photo. Do not use lots of water or too hot water. You want them to just thaw, not get hot.

Experiment a bit, and you will soon find that if you use a modest amount of lukewarm water, the heat of the water will thaw the prawns leaving them a little cool yet completely unfrozen and not warm or hot. You want to avoid having them sit around in warm water - and it is a waste to continuously run water over them as some suggest. Just practice, and you'll soon find that you can just place the frozen shrimp in a shallow dish with a bit of water as your start preparing other parts of the meal - and they'll be ready right when you need them to add to the wok recipe at the proper time (the end of the cooking process).

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