Shrimps and Prawns | Getting your money's worth! | Protein Content

One normally finds that shrimps and prawns that are smaller than jumbo shrimps and jumbo prawns are much cheaper to purchase - but remember that what matters is the amount of water in the shrimps and prawns you buy not the literal price per lb or per kg. Smaller shrimps and prawns may have more water weight than larger shrimps and prawns or jumbo shrimps or prawns - or visa versa. If you are buying packaged (e.g. frozen) shrimps and prawns and have a trusted guide on the package which tells you the nutrition information, look at the amount of protein per gram or ounce and compare that not the actual weight of the shrimp.

You may find that a jumbo prawn on a price per gram of protein is cheaper than a smaller shrimp or prawn even though the price per gross weight is reversed. This is because the smaller shrimps may (but not always) have much more water in them than the larger jumbo shrimps or jumbo prawns. Keep your eyes out for this.

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