Shrimps and Prawns | Getting your money's worth! | Judging Protein Content through Cooking

If the shrimps and prawns you are buying do not have accurate nutritional information or have none at all, pay attention to how much they cook down when you slightly over cook them by cooking them until the water has cooked completely out of them. If you really want to be accurate, weigh them before cooking and after cooking... However, it is obvious enough usually if you just pay attention to it.

We have found huge differences (very very obvious) when we have bought different varieties of jumbo shrimps and jumbo prawns where in all cases the count is 16 per lb (1 oz per jumbo prawn) and have cooked them so the water is gone from them completely. Some shrink down to almost nothing, some remain thick and firm. The shrunken shriveled prawns were nearly completely water!

You may find that some of the the smaller shrimps that are cheaper per unit weight than larger prawns shrink down proportionally so much more that their cheaper unit price is reversed - the smaller shrimps may have so much less protein per unit weight that it is actually more cost effective to pay 'more' for the larger shrimps or prawns!

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