Healthy Wok Recipes vs. Butter Mania!

For examples, let's consider shrimp and prawns recipes which are often billed as healthy recipes. What really makes for healthy shrimp recipes versus what is just called cooking healthy shrimp recipes but isn't healthy for you at all! What ingredients are really going into the so-called healthy shrimp recipes out there? Are any of these un-healthy ingredients cropping up in wok recipes for shrimps and prawns? Do we use any of them?

Beware Beguiling Butter

To answer the question, let's steal a little diatribe from and look again at how butter drenched shrimps recipes and butter soaked prawns recipes serve as examples of what to watch out for - and what can be typical of a lot of seemingly healthy non-wok recipes (including grilling which is often billed as a super healthy way to…

Healthy Wok Recipes | YES to Healthy Oils

Luckily, for all the un-health benefits of butter and butter based cooking methods there is a healthy alternative which is not only healthy for you but yields better tasting foods and is more versatile and easy and convenient than butter based cooking. It's wok cooking with heart healthy oils. What makes your healthy wok recipes really healthy for…

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