Healthy Recipes | Watch for frauds - what's with all that butter?

Perhaps the biggest fraud when it comes to cooking and often the black sheep for many recipes billed as healthy recipes are recipes which stew the ingredients in massive quantities of butter. We should all know by now that butter is a terrible part of any diet and should be eliminated entirely from all your recipes and not be on the shelf at all. Butter drenched recipes are lurking everywhere. Don't believe any so called healthy recipe if it has any butter in it at all. You don't want or need butter in a healthy prawns recipe or shrimps recipe. You don't want butter in any recipe for anything. Period. Fortunately, you won't see butter in many wok recipes if any at all. You won't see any in our wok recipes - and none in traditional wok cooking recipes. Some has crept into wok recipes as woks get more mainstream - avoid them. Not having any butter in traditional Asian wok recipes gives most wok recipes a big head start in being healthy. Wok cooking can be made unhealthy if you want to make it that way (you can deep fry in a wok using an unhealthy oil), but - if you use wok cooking to its best advantage - it isn't!

Healthy Wok Recipes - No to Butter!

Healthy Wok Recipes - No to Butter!

To put it as clearly as possible: No recipe should ever be called a 'healthy recipe' if it has butter.


Looks Good - Is Bad - Butter!

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