Healthy Wok Recipes | YES to Healthy Oils

Luckily, for all the un-health benefits of butter and butter based cooking methods there is a healthy alternative which is not only healthy for you but yields better tasting foods and is more versatile and easy and convenient than butter based cooking. It's wok cooking with heart healthy oils. What makes your healthy wok recipes really healthy for you is using heart healthy oils such as top quality olive oils instead of using heart un-healthy butter as in other methods of cooking. Wok cooking with healthy oils is better. It's simple. It's convenient. It gives a better cooking result. It is good for you.

Healthy Wok Recipes | Say YES to Olive Oils

So, are we discouraged to learn that no healthy wok recipes ever will use butter? Are we worried that without butter our wokked ingredients won't cook right or won't taste good? We don't need to be. You don't need lots of fat for healthy wok…

Healthy Wok Recipes | Health Benefits of Olive Oils and Wok Cooking

From Apollo Olive Oils (a California producer of some of the healthiest olive oils available anywhere):

The health benefits of the Mediterranean diet were first discovered in the 1950's and have withstood 50 years of rigorous scientific study. The…

Healthy Wok Recipes | Using Healthy Olive Oils in Wok Cooking Recipes

Heating healthy oils such as healthy olive oils degrades them and reduces their health benefits, so it is best when you cook with olive oils (and indeed with any oils) to try to avoid heating them to very high temperatures and to keep the times they…

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