Healthy Wok Recipes | Using Healthy Olive Oils in Wok Cooking Recipes

Heating healthy oils such as healthy olive oils degrades them and reduces their health benefits, so it is best when you cook with olive oils (and indeed with any oils) to try to avoid heating them to very high temperatures and to keep the times they are at very high temperatures to a minimum. In healthy wok cooking, you need some oil and you need to add it at first to the wok when it is hot so you can't avoid a little bit of oil being heated to a high temperature briefly, but as soon as you add the ingredients to the wok the temperature goes down as the oil spreads throughout the ingredients you have added. Even we are lazy at times, because it makes cooking a little easier to add more oil at the start, but do as we say not as we do, and use as little oil during wok cooking as possible. Instead - add the oil for flavor at the end of the cooking process or serve a small dish of top quality healthy olive oil for dipping when you serve the meal That will make your wok recipes truly healthy wok recipes, and they'll be not only healthier than butter laden recipes but they will taste a whole lot better as well. Take the same vegetables and wok ingredients and cook them in a pan with a lot of butter - you'll regret it!

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