Healthy Wok Recipes | Say YES to Olive Oils

So, are we discouraged to learn that no healthy wok recipes ever will use butter? Are we worried that without butter our wokked ingredients won't cook right or won't taste good? We don't need to be. You don't need lots of fat for healthy wok cooking, and the oils you use to flavor your wok cooked meals are minimal during cooking and instead should be added at the end of the wok cooking process to enhance the health benefits of the oils and maximize their flavors.

Olive oils are ideal as oils not only for cooking (using the oils directly during cooking), but they also are perfect for adding flavor to the already cooked meal. The health benefits of top quality olive oils are well known now. Years ago people thought that because olive oils and other similar nut and seed oils just had to be bad for you because they were fats and high in calories (just like butter in that regard). We know better now. The fats in butter are bad for you. The fats in healthy top quality olive oils and other healthy nutrients in top quality olive oils are good for you. If you need butter called for in any so-called 'healthy recipe' - do not use it. Use a comparable amount of a top quality olive oil. In wok cooking, use oil sparingly during cooking and serve olive oil with the meal for dipping or toss the cooked ingredients briefly after drizzling them with olive oil before serving.

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