Healthy Wok Recipes | YES!

So, truly healthy recipes are recipes without butter and instead cooked and served with healthy oils such as healthy olive oils and cooked with lots of colorful healthy vegetables and heart healthy ingredients. Sound like the healthy side of wok cooking? All of the wok recipes we present are heart healthy and good for you. Why take healthy wok cooking and turn it into un-healthy wok cooking? The wok is an ideal cooking implement for cooking healthy recipes of all sorts if you use a little common sense in how you cook and how you choose your ingredients..

Healthy Shrimp Recipes | Healthy Prawn Recipes | Wok Cooking

Easy Wok Recipes | The Recipes in Detail

There is an expression 'color your diet' which is said because often the most richly colored fruits and vegetables have some of the most healthy nutrients. This is true. Hence, we emphasize cooking or wok cooking colorful vegetables and serving the cooked wok meal with fresh fruits as complements to the cooked meal. Not only do colorful vegetables add health benefits to wok cooking and indeed to…

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