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There is an expression 'color your diet' which is said because often the most richly colored fruits and vegetables have some of the most healthy nutrients. This is true. Hence, we emphasize cooking or wok cooking colorful vegetables and serving the cooked wok meal with fresh fruits as complements to the cooked meal. Not only do colorful vegetables add health benefits to wok cooking and indeed to any cooking (grilling, stir frying or any other method), but wok cooking a wide variety of colorful vegetables makes the cooked wok recipe extremely aesthetically pleasing when it is served.

You may want to 'color your diet' for health reasons and to make certain your healthy wok recipes are truly healthy for you - but the result will be a visually attractive meal as well as a healthy meal. Plus, by choosing vegetables for your healthy wok recipes and healthy wok cooking which are different colors from one another and which  complement one another aesthetically, you are whether you know it or not choosing vegetables which also give you the variety in your diet that you want and need for a heart and body healthy diet.

We eliminate the non-healthy wok recipe ingredients ( e.g. we don't cook ever with any butter with is not only an extremely un-healthy recipe ingredient  but also is completely un-necessary given the availability of healthy oils which replace and improve on butter). We do in each recipe use a colorful and nutritious selection of the huge variety of healthy vegetables and foods readily available year round in most parts of the world today.

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