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Seasoning a Wok

We added an important disclaimer to the sections on how to season a wok because the season methods are for seasoning carbon steel woks and for seasoning cast iron woks only! When you see this text (read it):

The instructions here are for seasoning new steel or iron woks or re-seasoning steel or iron woks that have rusted or been disused for a long time. You can also clean and re-season a wok at any time, if it needs it. If you have a non-stick or electric wok, then DO NOT use these methods!

Loads of information on Seasoning a Wok

Many people are daunted by the task of how to season a wok and seasoning a new wok - so we've put up lots of information on all the best ways to season a wok. Whether you just bought a new wok or are rejuvenating Aunt Tilly's rusty clunker that she got on her cruise round the world in 1911 - we'll tell you what to do at the wok seasoning pages.

Our Personal Wok | Our Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Wok

We had to do it. We have discovered that the very wok we use for our own personal wok cooking (a 12 inch hand hammered carbon steel wok from China) is still sold (albeit for $12 and not $9 any longer) by The Wok Shop in San Francisco where we first purchased it many many years ago.

We put a page up for it - as it is The Best Wok and Our Personal Wok!

How to Cook with A Wok | More Great Tips

We just added more thoughts and useful tips on how to cook with a wok. Learning how to cook with a wok in a healthy way and in a way which makes wok cooking quick and easy isn't all that hard - but if you never tried wok cooking learning how to cook in a wok may seem a bit daunting so we're hoping to fix that!


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