Wok Cooking Equipment & Wok Care

Wok cooking is healthy, simple, quick and easy. Wok cooking equipment is inexpensive and will last longer than you do. Wok care is simple and quick - and if you ever get behind in your wok care you can re-season your wok very easily and return it to new. No wonder we've been cooking with the wok for many decades!

Wok Cooking Equipment

Wok Cooking Equipment

Why have we been cooking with a wok since we first learned wok cooking 40 years ago? Because wok cooking is one of the most healthy ways of cooking; wok cooking can cook a huge variety of meals; is easy to learn; is simple, quick and delicious! What more do you want? If you are contemplating wok cooking but aren't cooking with a wok now, then another great feature of wok cooking is that you can set yourself completely set up with all you need for wok cooking all the way through to the clean up for less than $20 US and get a traditional wok, wok lid, and wooden spatula all of which will last you longer than you last yourself!

Wok Care | How to Care for Your Wok

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