Wok Care | How to Clean a Wok | Normal Use

Cooking with the wok is one of the best ways to cook because there is virtually no clean-up whatsoever and wok care is very very simple. Under normal use it is a pretty simple process how to clean a wok properly. Avoid any soap or detergent, and clean the wok immediately after you remove the cooked ingredients. Cleaning the wok immediately may seem like a bother (as you want to eat!) but by cleaning the instant you remove the cooked food, you will find that it takes a few seconds only - and it makes cleaning incredibly easy.

Wok Care | How to Clean a Wok Immediately after Cooking

If you clean your wok with a wok cleaning whisk the instant you remove the cooked ingredients, cleaning will be fast and easy, and you don't need to do anything to the wok other than put it back on the stove to have it ready for using the next day. We mean 'immediately' quite literally, you remove the cooked ingredients, then you grab your bamboo…

Wok Care | How to Clean a Wok after a Delay

If you weren't able to clean the wok right the at the instant you removed the cooked ingredients from the wok meal, then likely it will be harder to clean the wok. You may need to briefly soak the inside of the wok with water (don't leave the wok soaking too long or it may rust) and scrub the wok more vigorously than otherwise.

Since the wok will…


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