Wok Care | How to Clean a Wok Immediately after Cooking

If you clean your wok with a wok cleaning whisk the instant you remove the cooked ingredients, cleaning will be fast and easy, and you don't need to do anything to the wok other than put it back on the stove to have it ready for using the next day. We mean 'immediately' quite literally, you remove the cooked ingredients, then you grab your bamboo wok cleaning whisk - while the wok is still hot - and give it a quick scrubbing with the cleaning whisk and hot water.

The scrubbing with the whisk should take only a matter of seconds. When you add the hot water to the hot wok the instant the cooked food ingredients come out, the water actually 'lifts' any residual food off the bottom of the wok. This happens because the wok is good and hot, and the water gets under the food and lubricates and turns to steam thus lifting it out.

Dump out the remaining water. Quickly rub out the wok with a dry towel and just put it back on the warm stovetop to absorb the leftover heat there. The residual heat in the wok will dry it out if there is any film of water - you can see it vanish as you watch. If the wok is for any reason still moist, zap it with a little burst of heat on the stove. If you are going to use the wok again in a day or so, you don't need to do anything else at all.

Wait even a few minutes, and the cleaning process will be harder.

While you may balk at the idea of cleaning your wok when you would rather start eating, you will find that if you whisk the wok out in this way you will be very happy.


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