Wok Care | How to Clean a Wok after a Delay

If you weren't able to clean the wok right the at the instant you removed the cooked ingredients from the wok meal, then likely it will be harder to clean the wok. You may need to briefly soak the inside of the wok with water (don't leave the wok soaking too long or it may rust) and scrub the wok more vigorously than otherwise.

Since the wok will not be hot when you clean it, make sure you heat it on the stove when it is clean and give a quick coating of cooking oil.

You can see why cleaning a wok immediately after the food is removed is the best way how to clean a wok because you don't have to re-oil it (unless it will be left for a long time), and cleaning takes seconds rather than minutes! Clean the wok immediately after use when it is still good and hot to save yourself problems and time.


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