Seasoning a Carbon Steel Wok | How to Season a Carbon Steel Wok | Re-season the wok? Maybe not...

If your carbon steel wok is trashed, you know you need to re-season the wok, but what about if it's not quite a nifty as after it was newly seasoned, but still seems adequate... maybe...

There is no harm in re-seasoning a carbon steel wok, but don't get caught in the trap of re-seasoning over and over again if a little bit of food sometimes sticks a bit. Exercise your own judgement and common sense. Obviously, if food is constantly sticking and your can't cook, re-season the wok right away. On the other hand, if sometimes certain food stick a little bit but most food usually don't stick at all and most importantly if clean up with the wooden wok cleaning whisk is easy, you probably don't need to re-season the wok.

We have found that after the first seasoning of a carbon steel wok the crazy smooth surface degrades slightly and then stays the same forever (unless we burn a recipe to oblivion by accident). If your wok seasoning status is not getting any worse with time and only occasionally has a little bit of sticking of certain foods, you probably do not need to re-season the wok at all.

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