Seasoning a Carbon Steel Wok | How to Season a Carbon Steel Wok | Re-season the wok now!

Once properly seasoned, a good carbon steel wok when used regularly may never need to go through the seasoning process again. Every time you cook a meal with the wok you are seasoning the wok more, so regular use keeps a carbon steel wok seasoned in perpetuity. However, there are three common reasons why you may have to re-season a carbon steel wok. If you have had an accidental recipe death in your wok and it is so filled with burned food that you  must scrape it out and completely scrub the wok with steel wool, then you'll definitely need to re-season the wok. Similarly, if your wok for any reason gets a serious coating of rust on it, you'll have to completely strip down the surface and re-season the wok. If some kind hearted guest takes out the detergent (or the dishwasher) and scrubs out the wok with some hot soapy water, you may have to re-season the wok. In the last case, if you are lucky enough, you may get away with a quick stovetop re-seasoning with a little oil only. If that does not work, use the re-seasoning a wok with salt method.  to thoroughly restore the wok to a new condition.

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