Extra Benefits of Seasoning a Cast Iron Wok or Carbon Steel Wok | re-Seasoning the Wok

The ability to re-season cast iron woks and to re-season carbon steel woks give a huge benefit to wok cooking with these woks - beyond any subjective opinions about quality of cooking in cast iron woks or carbon steel woks. The very fact that at any time you can choose to completely renew the cooking surface of a carbon steel or cast iron wok simply by re-seasoning the wok is like being able to summon your own miracle at any moment - but you don't need the genie bottle!

If your wok recipe dies an ugly death of cinders and ashes in any other kind of wok, you may find that your wok dies as well. You have not only lost your wok meal, but you have also lost your wok. For a carbon steel wok or cast iron wok, there is just about nothing you can do to the wok that you can't repair by a cleaning and re-seasoning. Dents, rust, burned food, all are just minor nuisances for cast iron and carbon steel wok users.

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