Why (How) to Buy a Non-Stick Wok | Buying a Non-Stick Wok

Even more so than for any other kind of cookware - if you are going to buy a non-stick wok or any other non-stick cookware the ' you get what you pay for' motto applies in spades. Non-stick cookware tends to lose the non-stick coating with time and for cheap non-stick cookware the 'time' can be the first 10 seconds of cooking your first meal.

Luckily, if you pay up for a higher grade non-stick wok, you can avoid the nightmare of flakes of non-stick adding that o-so-special crunchy texture to your wok meals. The better quality non-stick companies will warranty for at least 10 years, but that implies that you expect to have a problem as otherwise the warranty doesn't matter...

We use a traditional carbon steel wok for cooking our wok recipes, so we can't attest to the quality of non-stick woks.

We do know from having used other varieties of non-stick cookware that a good quality non-stick wok should indeed not have anything every stick. You should never have a clean up at all - and you don't even need a cleaning whisk (you saved $1.50 on that one!).

Even more so than when cooking in a stainless steel wok instead of a traditional carbon steel wok or cast iron wok, you will find that your wok recipes cook and taste differently than those same recipes cooked in a carbon steel wok. However, as long as your non-stick coating stays stuck to the wok and not your food, you get all of the health benefits of wok cooking that you would get with any other kind of wok when you use a non-stick wok for wok cooking recipes.

Non-stick woks are also very convenient if you are steaming or stewing or deep frying in the wok and there will be no difference at all in the food flavor because in those methods of wok cooking there is no impact of the actual wok surface on how the food cooks. In these cases of steaming and stewing, it is actually better to use a non-stick wok or stainless steel wok as steaming and stewing degrade the seasoning of a carbon steel or cast iron wok.


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