Seasoning a Stainless Steel Wok

There really is no seasoning process for a stainless steel wok. You do not season a stainless steel wok the way you season a carbon steel wok or a cast iron wok. Instead, you usually use a little bit more oil during the cooking process when using a stainless steel wok instead of a carbon steel wok or a cast iron wok. When properly seasoned a cast iron wok or carbon steel wok will require very little oil at all during cooking to prevent food from sticking to the wok surface. A stainless steel wok is a little less forgiving.


So - if you don't have to season a stainless steel wok, isn't it better than a carbon steel wok or a cast iron wok? A good quality stainless steel wok will cost significantly more than a comparable size of cast iron wok or carbon steel wok. That's not so awful, as a good stainless steel wok should last just as long as a traditional wok so the cost isn't that much when you consider you'll use it for decades at least.

Why a Stainless Steel Wok?

Stainless steel woks (and non-stick woks) are also very convenient if you are steaming or stewing or deep frying in the wok, and there will be no difference at all in the food flavor because in those methods of wok cooking there is no impact of the actual wok surface on how the food cooks. In these cases of steaming and stewing, it is actually better to use a non-stick wok or stainless steel wok as steaming and stewing actively can degrade the seasoning of a carbon steel or cast iron wok.

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