Why (How) to Buy a Stainless Steel Wok | Electric Stove Use

A Good Stainless Steel Wok for Electric Stovetop Cooking

For whatever the reason, sometimes a gas stove and/or gas burner is just not an option for cooking and you are left with only an electric stove for your wok cooking. In this circumstance, it may be hard to properly season a carbon steel wok or cast iron wok, and a stainless steel flat bottom wok may be the perfect solution.

A good quality stainless steel wok (like the wok in the Amazon ad) with a flat bottom will let you cook on an electric stove effectively - but the differences between how heat is conducted and the wok surfaces will mean that your wok recipes will be different in a stainless steel wok than in a carbon steel wok. Not necessarily worse, but different.

If you are buying a stainless steel wok, buy one of a good quality, as in this case your 'get what you pay for' and a cheap stainless steel wok may conduct heat poorly and fail to produce good results when you use it for your wok cooking. You won't find a good stainless steel wok to but for nearly the prices of good quality carbon steel woks - but if you buy a good quality stainless steel wok it should last just as long as a traditional wok with proper care and the initial cost taken over the life of the wok is still minimal even if more at the start.


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