Seasoning a Wok | How to Season A Wok | Re-seasoning an Old Wok

Did you inherit a rusty old wok or find one in the back of a cupboard long ignored? A good steel or iron wok which is old and rusty can be turned back to new with a small amount of elbow grease and a good treatment at re-seasoning using the same methods used for how to season a new wok.

Seasoning a Wok | How to Season A Wok | Recovering an Old Wok

It is not difficult to recover an old, derelict wok which is rusty and dirty and has not been used for a long time. Using a wire brush, steel wool, scrapers and any other implements you have handy, clean out any dirt, rust, and grime from the inside and outside of the wok. It doesn't matter if you use soap and abrasives like steel wool, as your goal is to do whatever it takes to get rid of the layer of rust and grime before you re-season the wok. When you have the wok cleaned up, just use one of the methods for seasoning a new wok and voila! - a new wok from an old wok!

Seasoning a Wok | How to Season A Wok | Recovering an Old Wok

If for whatever reason your wok has lost it's seasoning, perhaps from intermittent use, from a good recipe gone bad - you can at any time refresh the wok with a bout of wok seasoning as if it were a new wok.

Depending upon what the state of the wok is, you may need to clean it with abrasives like steel wool and scrape it out, but once you are done (as for re-seasoning an old wok) you simply can take the refreshed wok and subject it to the new wok seasoning process just as if it were new and you will have your wok back ready to go.

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