Seasoning a Wok | How to Season A Wok

A good wok should literally last a lifetime and longer, so you want to start out right by choosing the best way how to season a wok as the first step in your journey with your new wok! We present three techniques for seasoning a wok. How to season a wok with salt (the best method by far if you can use a gas stove), how to season a wok in the oven, and seasoning a wok on an electric stovetop.

The instructions here are for seasoning new steel or iron woks or re-seasoning steel or iron woks that have rusted or been disused for a long time. You can also clean and re-season a wok at any time, if it needs it. If you have a non-stick or electric wok, then DO NOT use these methods!

Seasoning a Wok | How to Season a Wok | Stove Top Wok Seasoning Methods

Seasoning a wok on the stove top is a convenient way to season a new wok - but any stovetop method of seasoning a new wok involves heating the wok to high temperatures (hotter than normal wok cooking temperatures), so you should be careful avoid getting burned during the wok seasoning process. We…

Seasoning a Wok | How to Season a Wok | Oven method

The very first step in wok care is how to season a new wok. Not having proper seasoning of a wok can make even the best woks merely good woks or even bad woks! Even if you don't have a gas stove yourself for wok cooking, in order to season your wok for the first time, we recommend the stovetop salt…

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