Seasoning a Wok using the Oven Method | Seasoning in the Oven

Now it is time for the real wok seasoning to start. Put the wok in the oven (it does not need to be preheated) and then bake in the oven at a high temperature (450° F) for approximately 20 minutes. The oil will cook into the wok and cook off during this time, and you will need to repeat the cycle so take the wok out of the oven, let it cool, wash it with warm water and clean it vigorously with your wok cleaning whisk, dry it thoroughly over heat again, re-oil the wok and repeat the oven heating cycle. Seasoning a wok this way takes time, so you will need to repeat this entire process at least three or four times. Your wok should look bronze or blackened in color when the wok is seasoned properly using this method of how to season a wok.

Note: If your wok has a wooden or plastic handle that cannot be removed we STRONGLY RECOMMEND the salt method of seasoning a wok. If you must use the oven method, you can try wrapping the wooden or plastic handle to keep it from burning or melting, but it is a real problem. Use a stovetop method.

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