Seasoning a Wok using the Oven Method | Preparing the Wok for Oven Seasoning

A new wok can have often have oils coating it to keep it from rusting during shipment and storage for sale, so the first step in seasoning a wok when it is new is to remove the oil (which likely is not a cooking oil and is not good for you to eat!). So, as a first step for seasoning a wok which is new, wash the wok thoroughly with hot soapy water. Dry it and heat it to medium hot temperature. To make sure it is thoroughly dry and ready for the first step in seasoning using the oven method of seasoning a wok.

With the new wok now thoroughly clean and dry, coat the wok (coat the wok on the inside only) with cooking oil. You can use a small piece of paper towel to help spread the oil in a thin film over the inside surface of the wok.

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