Seasoning a Wok | How to Season a Wok | Stove Top Wok Seasoning Methods

Seasoning a wok on the stove top is a convenient way to season a new wok - but any stovetop method of seasoning a new wok involves heating the wok to high temperatures (hotter than normal wok cooking temperatures), so you should be careful avoid getting burned during the wok seasoning process. We have found the salt seasoning technique is by far the best way how to season a new wok or re-season an old wok and strongly recommend that method over others.

The instructions here are for seasoning new steel or iron woks or re-seasoning steel or iron woks that have rusted or been disused for a long time. You can also clean and re-season a wok at any time, if it needs it. If you have a non-stick or electric wok, then DO NOT use these methods!

Seasoning a Wok | How to Season A Wok | Salt Method

In our experience, of all the possible ways how to season a wok, this is BY FAR the best method of seasoning a wok above all others we have ever used. It is a lot quicker than the oven method for wok seasoning and works better. It is quicker and easier than trying to season a wok using an electric burner - and it is 500 percent better in the result.

Even if you do not have a gas stove top burnerā€¦

Seasoning a Wok | How to Season a Wok | Stove Top (Electric) Method

If you do not have access to a gas stove, we recommend this method of how to season a wok over the oven method for seasoning a new wok - and you really MUST use a stovetop method of seasoning a wok if you have a wok with wooden or plastic handles which you can't remove - you can be seasoning a wok in the oven if the handles on it will melt or burn If you have access to or if you are fortunateā€¦

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