Seasoning a Wok | How to Season a Wok | Stove Top (Electric) Method  | Seasoning the Wok

Using the electric stove (if you have a gas stove, use the salt method for seasoning a wok) it is hard to generate enough heat to evenly heat a wok, so you will likely need to take care during the wok seasoning process to rotate and shift the wok over the electric burner during this way of seasoning a wok on the electric stovetop.

Heat the thoroughly cleaned wok over high heat to dry it completely. Next add a small amount of oil (at most a few tablespoons, 10 - 15 ml) and using a small piece of paper towel keep coating the wok with a film of oil as you move it over the electric burner. You likely will find that the wok smokes considerably during this process. As needed replenish the oil in the wok so that you can keep a film of oil moving in the wok. When you use this method as the way how to season a wok on an electric stove it takes patience and you may need to repeat it as it is not as effective as the salt method for seasoning a wok.

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