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Once the salt is added to the hot wok, keep turning and moving it in the wok for a few minutes until it is good and hot. Before the salt gets heated up, you don't need to worry much about what you are doing with it. Once the salt is heated up (a minute or so), leaving the gas burner on a high heat, continue to press and scrape the hot salt against the entire inside of the hot wok. Rub and press the salt using the metal wok spatula and press and grind it against the bottom and the walls of the wok. It doesn't need to be too hard, but it is important to press and rub the salt against the wok and not just let is sit there. The entire wok surface and the salt will be very hot during this process - exercise caution. Keep going for about 20 minutes or so. You may not notice much change in the wok during the process, but be assured it is working!

Note: If you are re-seasoning an old wok, you may have a lot of smoke and carbonized materials coming off and darkening the salt. Just keep doing the rubbing and scraping of the salt as normal.

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