Seasoning a Wok | How to Season A Wok | Salt Method | Seasoning the New Wok | Final Step

The final step of seasoning a wok with the salt method is just to let it cool a bit and oil the wok with a thin coating of oil. When the 20 minutes of pressing, rubbing and turning the hot salt in the wok are up the wok is seasoned. You still have a pile of VERY HOT salt in the hot wok.

Pour out the salt from the wok into a container which can safely take the sudden addition of the very hot salt (we use a metal bowl) without breaking. Save the salt for seasoning again if you need to re-season the wok or want to repeat the process on a different wok.

Carefully brush the remaining salt out of the hot wok using a dry paper towel (be careful, the wok is still hot) and then lightly coat the inside of the hot dry wok with a thin film of cooking oil. You will find that seasoning a wok in this way makes an amazingly seasoned wok. This method of seasoning a wok in our experience is BY FAR the best way how to season a wok or to re-season an old wok which hasn't been used in a long time.

You can save the salt for using it again, so it doesn't even waste the salt!

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