Wok Cooking Equipment | How to Buy a Wok

What makes wok cooking wok cooking is the wok! The wok is therefore the defining piece of wok cooking equipment. Fortunately, the ideal woks for wok cooking cost virtually nothing compared to typical cooking pots and pans and are widely available. We have even put a few woks into our Amazon.com store for you to peruse!

How to Buy a Wok | The Best Woks

How to Buy a Wok | The Best Woks

By far the best woks for wok cooking remain the traditional hand hammered sell woks from China. Spun woks, electric woks, non-stick woks, teflon woks - none compare to a traditional hand hammered wok when it comes to wok cooking traditional wok recipes which have evolved over centuries optimized in food ingredients, cooking times, and cooking…


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