How to Buy a Wok | The Best Woks

By far the best woks for wok cooking remain the traditional hand hammered sell woks from China. Spun woks, electric woks, non-stick woks, teflon woks - none compare to a traditional hand hammered wok when it comes to wok cooking traditional wok recipes which have evolved over centuries optimized in food ingredients, cooking times, and cooking methods for these very woks.

While other woks and other cooking methods can cook excellent meals, when you are cooking using traditional Asian wok cooking methods (Chinese wok cooking, Thai wok cooking, Vietnamese wok cooking etc.) these woks are superior. The recipes and cooking methods have been refined and improved specifically for these woks for literally many hundreds of years in Asia and the recipes and cooking methods are practically spiritually linked to these woks. There was no electricity and teflon that many years ago in Asia!

Steel Woks | Hand Hammered Woks

Steel Woks | Hand Hammered Woks

Our wok of preference is a hand hammered carbon steel wok. Learning how to season a wok properly is very easy, and cooking in a hand hammered carbon steel wok is the best wok cooking we have experienced. It is our personal wok of choice as the best wok. Electric woks, stainless steel woks, and non-stick woks don't give the same results but can both be useful for electric stove top wok cooking and are better for steaming, stewing and soup-making in the wok because those methods of wok cooking can degrade the seasoning of a traditional wok.

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