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This simple and inexpensive (less than $10 US) hand hammered carbon steel wok has served us well for nearly two decades and will likely last longer than we do!

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Our Personal Wok

This is the very wok we have used for more than a decade.

12 inch Carbon Steel Hand Hammered Wok (incl. wok ring)

This is our personal wok we use for our own wok cooking. It is the wok you see in the photographs of the wok recipes presented here at this wok cooking website.

We purchased this wok when we wanted a smaller wok (this is a 12 inch wok) for about $9 US more than a decade ago and have used it ever since as our primary wok. The link below the image takes you directly to the page of The Wok Shop of San Francisco - which is where we purchased our wok.

We have 14 inch woks and 16 inch woks, but the 12 inch wok is our favorite size. It still allows for easy wok cooking of a meal for 2, and is just fine for a wokking up a meal for 1 person. If you have rice and other foods with your meal, you can wok up a 4 person meal in it as well. Regular cooking of large portions recommends the 14 inch wok, however.

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