Wok Cooking Equipment | Cleaning a Wok

Your third essential piece of equipment for wok cooking is your wooden wok cleaning whisk. These wooden whisks for wok cleaning cost just about nothing, last a long time, and clean a wok to perfection. For all normal cleaning you use your wooden wok cleaning whisk.

Cleaning a Wok | How to Clean A Wok | Normal Cleaning

Under normal circumstances cleaning a wok is a very simple process and does not require much effort or time at all. It is important that you clean your wok immediately after cooking is done and the wok will clean up very very easily under all normal circumstances.

Cleaning a Wok | How to Clean A Wok | Extreme Cleaning

If your wok is a really in an extremely bad condition, or you have an old wok you need to completely refresh, you need some extreme measures for cleaning. In this case, you will likely be re-seasoning the wok after it is cleaned as you will be removing much if not all of the seasoning from the wok using extreme cleaning measures.

Steel wool, wire…


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